Fashion News: Zac Posen Debut's Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry through Blue Nile

When you hear the name Zac Posen, a lot comes to mind. Like the fact that he's the designer of his own internationally renowned brand and the source from where all of the hottest stars get their extravagant gowns. There's also his presence as a judge on our television screens as he determines what is "in" and what is "out" for the hit show Project Runway. The man has a lot to be respected for and all of these accomplishments add credibility to his opinions of what is essential to the fashion and beauty world. Now add high-end jeweler to that list. The designer and his brand have taken a huge step as they released a collection of engagement rings and fine jewelry through the online jeweler Blue Nile on November 13th. You can find the jewelry on in two collections: Truly Zac Posen and ZAC Zac Posen.

Truly Zac Posen contains a wide variety of engagement rings and bridal bands. Showcasing them in three styles, Glamour, Deco, and Metropolitan, Posen captures any customer's unique taste. The Glamour style rings (prices ranging from $980 - $3,200), exude Hollywood glamour with their clean cuts, sharp lines, and classic design. The Deco style (prices ranging from $1,010 - $2,750), is for those who are in love with unique, architectural shapes and standing out from a crowd. The last style of the Truly Zac Posen collection is the Metropolitan (prices ranging from $1,400 - $4,560). These rings are for the modern-lovers. With sleek and elegant lines, these rings and bands are exemplary of today's style. You can find these engagement rings and bridal bands in both Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold.

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Posen decided to go further with his venture and introduced the ZAC Zac Posen fine jewelry collection. These pieces range from long, garnished necklaces, to bold, diamond earrings. He utilizes the Glamour, Deco, and Metropolitan styles once more, looking to become a staple in any woman's wardrobe. The Glamour style (prices ranging from $760 - $1,195) is all about the rich colors and vibrancy that has come to be associated with Hollywood glamour. Deco (prices ranging from $1,500 - $18,500) is about combining architectural shapes, sparkling diamonds, and classic jewelry styles all together in one stunning piece. Metropolitan (price ranging from $680 - $8,000) is reiterating the same clean, elegant, and sleek styles that mirror today's modern fashions.

Posen explains his reasoning for partnering with Blue Nile for these debut collections:

By partnering with Blue Nile, the original online jeweler, Posen is securing a lasting and respected life for his collections of engagement rings and fine jewelry. The two collections, with their three style guides, encompass characteristics that are appealing to a wide audience.

To check out these collections, head over to!  A place where anyone can find a piece that is appealing and affordable for them.