What to Wear: Dress to Impress

  Why not accompany your resume with a professional outfit? Whether you’ve just landed an interview with the company of your dreams, are attending a job fair, or have any other occasion where you need to dress to impress, here's a few tips on how to look professional, put together, and confident.

A Blazer is a Must: There is something about the bold structure of a blazer that just says, “I’m in charge.” When you throw on a well-tailored jacket, it immediately makes you feel more confident, and who wouldn’t want that kind of ego boost? You can never go wrong with the classic black blazer, but don’t be afraid to venture into other colors or even patterns as long as they are subtle.


The Perfect Collared Blouse: Having a collared blouse underneath the blazer will keep the professionalism of the outfit even if you take the blazer off. Try finding a classic white one, which contrasts well against a black or navy jacket. Personally, I love collared tops that are meant to be buttoned up to the top. This gives a clean, slightly preppy look.


The Pencil Skirt: A high wasted pencil skirt is flattering, and is perfect for pairing with a blouse and a blazer. Pencil skirts can easily go wrong however. Make sure that it hits at or below the knee, and is not too tight—otherwise it might look frumpy. Also, try finding one that is of a thicker material. That way it has a shape of its own and won’t cling to your body. Preferably, go with a dark-colored skirt and pair it with black tights. The monochromatic look will elongate your legs, making you appear taller.


Watch out: Add a watch so that you are fashionably on time. As for other accessories keep it simple with some earrings and a delicate necklace that peeks out from under the collar of your blouse.



Optional Oxfords: If you want to wear heels then I’d say go for it! Don’t you love the sound of your heels clanging against the floor? If you’re more of the comfort kind of girl, then lace up some oxfords. They are more comfortable than flats because their sole gives more support, plus the menswear look is ultra trendy.



Think Simple and Fresh: If you have long hair then keep it neat by tying half of it up or putting it into a low side bun. Keep make-up simplistic and fresh. Framed brows, mascara, blush, and nude or subtle pink lipstick are all you need.



Dressing to impress can be tricky, so it’s always good to go with classics like a blazer, blouse, and pencil skirt. Loving your outfit will build up your confidence, so your nerves won’t get the best of you. Best of luck and hey, after its all over, go and treat yourself to some Starbucks!


Photographer: Jasmine Rubio

Model: Elaine Czarnik

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