Winter Wool; Overcoating for Colder Weather

Winter came out of nowhere this week to end fall a little early and that means stepping up your layer game. Now is the time to pick up a quality wool topcoat or overcoat that will not only be a staple piece in your wardrobe, but will be the perfect coat for dressing up, dressing down, and everything in between. A nice overcoat doesn't need to break the bank either, here's your guide to quality wool blend overcoat options at a variety of affordable prices. My first pick is from fast-fashion giant, H&M. Typically I only recommend picking up minor essentials from these guys, but this wool-blend coat is made up of 45% wool with a slight napping detail on the surface providing just the right subtle detail to set it apart from other coats in its price range. Pair it with black selvedge and a bright colored beanie on the regular this winter for a solid minimalistic look. At just $150 dollars, this overcoat is the perfect choice for budget menswear addicts.

Next up is this Classic Camel Wool Mix Overcoat by Topman, which highlights all of the best features in a topcoat. Camel, for me, has always stood out as the heavyweight champ of topcoat colorways due to its versatility. A camel topcoat can be worn with pretty much anything and everything. Throw this on with a pair of jogger sweats and a cable knit sweater, and you'll be the coziest and best dressed dude on campus. This overcoat comes with contrast buttons, a shorter cut by overcoat standards and a price point of $180 - three more reasons why this is one of my favorite pieces in this price range.

This final piece is by far my favorite topcoat of all time, and it's by none other than retail superstar, J.Crew. J.Crew is known for its designer-like quality at less than designer prices, and this is true of their Ludlow Topcoat as well. The Ludlow comes in a tailored cut, designed to fit perfectly over their Ludlow suit - another an excellent option for dressing up in winter weather. With a wool/cashmere composition, the Ludlow is probably one of the highest quality topcoats for the price, coming in at $450. This is a slightly higher price point, but the Ludlow is a timeless piece that will pay dividends to your closet for years to come. Pictured here in a bold, heather naval blue colorway, the Ludlow Topcoat by J.Crew is a must have for devoted menswear followers looking to make an investment in their personal style.