You can take the girl out of Paris...

As fashion enthusiasts and Hollywood stalkers, we often focus on what is reported in the mainstream, and who is reported in the mainstream for that matter. I mean, it’s understandable when you think about it. Who even thinks about anything else when Kim Kardashian is nude and plastered all throughout Paper Magazine? Kristen Stewart had a nip slip the other night and I can tell you what Amanda Bynes did last Friday. But, in the middle of the chaos that is the lives of celebrities in the limelight, we forget about those who choose to lead more private lives. The old saying “it’s always the quiet ones that surprise us,” is true, especially when it comes to fashion.

 One such celebrity is Marion Cotillard. Cotillard has appeared in many best-selling Hollywood films, however more important than that is her understated fashion choices. Marion Cotillard has been one of the female faces of Dior since 2008. Growing up in France she is an accomplished actress, singer and embodies what it means to be Parisian chic.

 Rules for being Parisian chic:

 Minimal makeup

 Master the polished look 

Cotillard for Dior

Less is more: for patterns and accessories

 Black, white, navy and nudes are your friends: monochromatic lifestyle

Cotillard for Dior

 Modesty can be mysterious and alluring, French women never show too much skin

 Flats: women in Paris are always on the run, so why fuss with heels when boots and statement flats can pull an outfit together?

Cotillard for Dior

 Just this week Dior released a short film for their new line featuring Cotillard. Retro hair, donned in all black and classic red lips, she embodies high fashion.




Cotillard for Dior

Marion Cotillard exquisitely proves that while you can take the girl out of Paris, you cannot take Paris out of the girl.

xoxo  mes amours