15 Relaxing Things You Can Do This Holiday Season

December has arrived, which means the holidays, but also the end of the semester. As you wrap up your final exams and pack your bags to go back home, make sure to pencil in some time to relax this break.  Wherever you may be traveling to this holiday season,  enjoy this magical season to the fullest with this list of relaxing activity ideas. 1. Check out Netflix's new December offerings

2. If you don't have Netflix there's always ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas

3. Enjoy a delicious chai tea latte or hot chocolate in front of the fireplace

4. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi

5. Learn how to knit yourself a cute hat or scarf

6. Take a walk through your neighborhood and look at everyone's holiday decorations

7. Bake cookies, a pie, or make some peppermint bark (here are some perfect recipes)

8. Plan a cookie exchange with your best friends

9. Invite over some close friends and/or family and play board games

10.  Try something new with your hair or makeup

11. Find an ice rink or lake...and go ice skating!

12. Be crafty and get started on a DIY project (PS: this link also contains some great gift ideas!)

13. Finally pick up that book you've been waiting to read

14. Give your room a makeover (redecorate, organize your closet, move furniture around)

15. Make an awesome new playlist and go for a relaxing drive

Whatever you may decide to do this holiday season, make sure to enjoy every moment of it.  And if all else fails, Buddy the elf always has the perfect holiday back up plan!