6 Travel Tips for the Holidays

REPEAT: it is possible to look presentable after that long trip home. We know that’s quite the claim. Being in a tin can breathing recycled air for hours on end, as well as sitting in a cramped car for even longer, can make looking (and feeling) attractive seem impossible; but trust us, it can be done. All it takes are the right clothes and a few amazing products and you finally arrive home looking like a million bucks. Wherever you're traveling this season, with these tips you’ll come off that long voyage home feeling stylish, refreshed, and ready to get the holidays started.

1. Comfy Cozy Pants

It’s a well-known fact that no one wants to suffer through a long plane ride, or even road trip, wearing a dress and heels. Where is the comfort in that? Walking from one end of the airport to another, or trying to sit comfortably on the car, is just not going to happen in a Black Tie outfit. But that doesn’t mean that your only option to stay comfortable is sweatpants!

Try adopting a solid pair of jogger pants. They come in many different colors and prints, so they can spruce up any outfit! With loose, woven fabric, they’re also incredibly comfortable. Try these jogger pants from Forever 21, or a more sophisticated pair from Urban Outfitters. Pair these with a cute pair of booties, or even some Vans, and you’ll be able to look comfy and stylish: the best of both worlds!


2. Snuggle Up

Airplanes and other forms of public transportation are notorious for their unpredictable temperatures. Your best bet is to go with a sweater that will allow you to be nice and warm if the cold air is blasting your body, yet light enough not to suffocate if it happens to be toasty. Nordstrom has a great option for a lightweight tunic sweater that comes in a variety of colors. Add a statement necklace or comfortable scarf to effortlessly upgrade your look!

Another option is to go for the duo-layer ensemble: a cardigan paired with your favorite tank top or T shirt. Forever 21 has a wide variety of cardigans to pick from that are both extremely comfortable and affordable. Try a classic open-knit cardigan, or opt for a funky patterned cardigan to really stand out.

maybelline dream pure bb cream

 3. Stay Fresh-Faced

Trust me on this, there is nothing worse than sensing the sticky remnants of your foundation melting off your skin in the middle of a plane ride. It makes you feel grimy, gross, and ultimately makes the trip feel about ten times longer. Foundation is a no-go, so instead, reach for your BB cream in your morning makeup routine. A BB cream is a much lighter cream that will allow your skin to breathe while also providing benefits for your skin that moisturize and fight acne. Our favorite is Maybelline's Dream Pure BB cream, which applies smoothly and uses salicylic acid to prevent breakouts.

Another tip? When it comes to your eyes, stick with mascara. Curl your eyelashes first, and then apply two coats of your favorite brand. This will brighten and widen your eyes without having to apply numerous coats of eyes shadow and eyeliner. This way, when you fall asleep in an attempt to make your trip go much faster, you won’t wake up to colorful eye makeup smeared all over your face.


 4. Wipe Away Grime

Makeup wipes are a gift from the heavens. When you don’t have a proper sink and counter to help you with your face washing routine (aka if you’re stuck in a cramped airplane bathroom), these are your best bet. With one swipe, this wipe can take off all of your makeup with minimal effort. Added bonus: some wipes will even have active ingredients in them that work to cleanse your face while clearing your pores of makeup and dirt.

Quick tip: when searching for a handy packet of makeup wipes, don’t skimp out on the cheapest packet. They’re cheap for a reason; these wipes tend to be harsh on the skin and contain ingredients that may cause irritation and breakouts. The more money you spend, generally the more forgiving these wipes will be. Try the Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes; these wipes are infused with cucumber and chamomile, which will calm and moisturize skin that’s irritated from the stale airplane air. They also have no sulfates or parabens, which makes them awesome for your skin. Looking for a drugstore alternative? Try the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. They’re half the price, yet incredibly soft and effective!

olay regenerist

 5. Retain Moisture


Flowing, dehydrated airplane air and other travel stressors create a nightmare for your skin. Before you know it, you’ll be left with dry, flaky, and greying skin. Gross. A quick fix? Moisturizer. Seriously, moisturizing is the key to everything. Pack a small container in your bag and remember to apply it after wiping your face down with a makeup wipe. This way, your skin will be clean and hydrated, which is the perfect combo to battle the sickly airplane air. If you are prone to very dry skin, First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream is perfect for you. For a less intense daily moisturizer, try the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer. Infused with salicylic acid, this product will also work to clear skin while it moisturizes. For the holy grail of moisturizers, invest in the Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum—it’s a holy grail for a reason.


 6. Get Some Beauty Sleep

The most important factor to looking and feeling refreshed after traveling? Sleep. It does wonders for the skin and will help keep you relaxed and stress-free. Pack your favorite sleeping mask for day time flights and car rides. Bring a comfy neck pillow, set your chair back as far as it will go (which is hardly more than a 90 degree angle), and rest up for your amazing adventures that are headed your way!