A Day in the Life of a Michigan Girl

Just like a typical Friday morning, this fashionista awakens with knotty hair and groggy eyes—results of a late night of studying. But there is no time to relax and lie in bed, because class starts at 9 am and it’s already 8:40. She rushes to her closet and picks out her favorite outfit that screams comfy-chic: a simple green dress paired with a boxy, patterned cardigan. To prepare herself for the long walk across campus to her classes, she slips on her favorite pair of sleek black booties. Running a brush through her hair and snatching her classy handbag, this stylish student is out the door in less than fifteen minutes. IMG_5731


Classes prove to be long and taxing, and all she wants to do is take a long nap in the comforts of her cozy bed. But due to a job interview scheduled for the afternoon, the only reason she finds herself back in her room is to raid her closet for an outfit change that will present her as the perfect candidate for the job. She selects her favorite Calvin Klein dress and pairs it with a pair of simple yet powerful pointed-toe heels. She stands in front of the mirror and battles with her hair; which option says responsible-and-ready-to-go: hair up or hair down? After grappling with her choices, she decides to throw her hair around her shoulders. With a quick look at her watch, she grabs a granola bar and rushes out the door once more.




The interview is intense, but it wasn’t anything that our fashionista couldn’t handle. With her charming personal skills and fantastic GPA, she easily lands her dream job! With utter excitement she calls her group of closest friends, who all agree that this accomplishment most definitely warrants a night out filled with celebration. And our girl has the perfect outfit to top the night off—a black velvet slip dress paired with a vintage statement necklace. With an eye-catching bold lip, she’s ready to take the town by storm.




It’s been a long day for this Michigan girl, so she trudges back to her room just as the early sunrise colors begin to paint the sky. Everything is heavy and she’s exhausted, so she tumbles into bed without another thought. But even though today was rough, she can’t help but smile. She braved the difficult Michigan life and survived, coming out on top. With that, she turns off her lamp and falls asleep, preparing herself for football Saturday.


Photographer: Courtney Evans Model: Amanda Grayson Stylist: Xinrui Yang Makeup Artist: Tina Yu