Dej Loaf Gets Frosty With Elle

elle-05-dej-loaf-v-xln Up and coming rapper Dej Loaf got cozy in a photo shoot with Elle this week. Clad in elegant winter white furs, the young Detroit native took the shoot by storm in a manner most complimentary to the season. Wrapped in sleek and furry ensembles, the artist supplied the sort of fierce femininity in person that so characterizes her music.


Dej Loaf, born Deja Trimble, climbed the charts in July with her single “Try Me”, and has been gaining the fond attention of stars in the rap community since her debut: Drake quoted one of her lyrics in an Instagram post that went viral, she was featured in Eminem’s “Detroit Vs. Everybody”, and Wiz Khalifa recorded a supplementary verse in a remix of her hit single earlier this year.

This sudden hailstorm of celebrity is nothing short of well deserved. Not only does Dej offer a fresh female presence in a male-dominated industry, but she spits just as hard as her male counterparts. Although she surrounds herself with a mostly male entourage, when asked by Elle if she ever feels like she needs to be “one of the guys”, the artist confidently retorted that they were the ones who “have to be one of the girls”. It’s that fierce self-assurance and assertive attitude that has made her the hottest new topic of conversation for fans – male and female – across the country.


Growing up on the east side of Detroit, Dej began writing her own lyrics at just nine years old. The twenty-four year old released her first mix tape Just Do It in 2012, on which “Try Me” originally appeared. The track was re-released as a single this summer, and after signing Columbia Records in October, the artist released her second mix tape, Sell Sole.

Despite all the attention she has attracted over the course of these past couple of years, Dej Loaf is firm about keeping her priorities straight on and off stage. In a recent interview with The Fader, she said, “I’m not in it for the politics or label shit. We gon’ make good music”.


Good music she makes, and apparently also good fashion. Inspired by the rapper’s affinity for whites and fur coats expressed in her lyrics, Elle dressed Dej in entirely snowy outfits complete with fur accents and the occasional peek of a black heel or sneaker. We loved the leather and fringe combination (below).


Dej has been tearing up the stage in both Ann Arbor and Detroit, so keep a look out for more tour dates if you missed it! Until then, check out her music on SoundCloud.


All photos courtesy of Elle