Launch Party 2014: Celebrating The Movement Issue

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season right around the corner, not to mention the jam-packed schedule of library dates and caffeine overdoses, the members of SHEI Magazine took the night off to celebrate their latest release: The Movement Issue. In the weeks leading up to the launch, SHEI team members were all over their various social media channels, broadcasting the event and generating appeal for the party of the semester. From the SHEI-themed drinks menu to the elegant simplicity of the venue, the night was reminiscent of the kinds of big city parties that fashion aficionadas are always looking forward to. For those two hours, partygoers could have sworn that rather than stepping off the elevator into the Study Hall Lounge beneath The Blue Leprechaun bar, they were stepping into the hottest new club scene in New York City or London. IMG_3591

SHEI team members, from photographers to writers to stylists, mingled with various other guests and SHEI readers who were excited to finally get their hands on the magazine. Guests clamored for their moment in the spotlight, posing with their glossy copy of The Movement Issue in front of the SHEI backdrop. Having recently joined the ranks as an official UM student publication, SHEI’s launch this year was even more publicized, generating interest in a number of other outlets on campus, and attracted even more guests than in the previous years.


Representatives from Victoria’s Secret PINK and Jamberry Nails set up tables on the outskirts of the party, and found they had plenty of interested partygoers to chat with. Jamberry representative Alicia Lerner, who hadn’t previously been involved with the magazine, was excited to see the turnout for the event. “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the launch party seemed really successful,” Lerner said. “Everyone was dressed up and having a great time checking out the magazine, and the whole atmosphere was very sophisticated.”


As guests flipped through the polished pages of the issue, television screens cycled through some of the top photographs featured in the magazine. Partygoers were enthralled with the gorgeously-styled shots from the “Through The Decades” shoot, while others clamored for a second look at the innovative outfits presented in the "Menswear" shoot. Many of the concepts were the brainchild of Fashion Editors Aaron Pelo and Sola Muno, as well as Editor-in-Chief Anna Fuller, all of whose innovative ideas shone through the fresh looks throughout the magazine.


Other shoots gracing the pages of the fall issue include the "Industrial Revolution" and "Dancing Queen" shoots, where photographers experimented with bold color contrasts as well as ethereal black and white shots. The range of contents spanned from the exploration of movement in its most basic forms, to more subtle connotations of the theme, including articles that spanned various channels, from music to fashion to athletics. In the end, the movement theme is especially representative of SHEI’s constant desire to move forward, always pushing the boundaries of what we know of fashion and culture today to expand our readers’ perspectives on the topics that define our world.