Support SHEI on Giving Blueday

Do you have some dollars to spare and a few free minutes of your time? Consider donating to SHEI Magazine today in honor of the University of Michigan's premiere "Giving Blueday". What is it?

"Giving Blueday" is based on the tradition of "Giving Tuesday" that follows Thanksgiving each year. The latter has long been upheld as a means to balance the season of spending on ourselves -- i.e. Black Friday -- by encouraging Americans to rather spend on each other, and this year the University of Michigan is taking the tradition to heart by launching a "university-wide day of giving" that benefit student groups and associations.

Starting at 8:30 am, donors will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of challenges that could benefit the organization of their choice even further through contest prizes and matching donations. Some of these challenges are quick and simple, such as donating during a particular time frame. Others are a fun way to take a break from your post-Thanksgiving courseload: Film yourself singing the chorus to "The Victors" and post it on Instagram with the #GivingBlueday hashtag - that's bound to get some likes (if not from your instacrushes, then definitely from us)! Why not tweet a selfie (along the one you were already planning) mentioning SHEI during your Philosophy lecture? Today, this one will reap more than just social media flattery -- add the hashtag and SHEI could be chosen to win $1000 dollars.

Why do it?

We prides ourelves on the excellence of our work, and a substantial part of what we do at SHEI Magazine is manifested in our photoshoots. In order to promote the quality of our photography to an even higher level of professionalism, SHEI has decided to invest in a light kit for our Photography Team. As it turns out, those are expensive... So we need your support! Help us make future issues even better than those past.


In addition to paying for the light kit, SHEI would use the Giving Blueday profts to buffer the printing costs of our bi-annual publication. If you like what you see on the website, just wait until you've got a copy of the Movement issue after the December 6th release.

How can I help?

Participate in the Giving Blueday challenges and make a donation to SHEI Magazine! For a complete list of the Giving Blueday challenges, click here.

Watch Editor in Chief Anna Fuller introduce Giving Blueday below and consider SHEI for your student organization of choice! Give, Post and Go Blue.