A Dash of DIY

Image Welcome to a Dash of DIY! A column focused on embracing creativity during your college years through incorporating small DIY projects into your life. Through this column I will share home/dorm improvement projects, gift ideas, and clothing upcycling inspiration. Not to worry, my bank account is as limited as yours, so I will keep these projects small and simple. But from now on, instead of heading to the store and buying another picture frame or sweater, check here first for a DIY project as a cheaper and craftier alternative.

Here's a quick snippet about myself. My name is Lotte Hurkmans. I am from the Netherlands (that's where the name comes from), and I am a craft fanatic, a Netflix addict, and a sophomore at the University of Michigan. My mom is a kindergarten teacher, so it's fair to say I knew how to color in between the lines before I took my first steps. I have always been surrounded by creativity and art projects, and I have truly enjoyed taking part in them for as long as I can remember.

Since I started college I found there is no better stress reliever than a big cup of green tea and a little time spent perusing Pinterest. There's something incredibly relaxing about scrolling through the hundreds of DIY craft ideas and creating a collection of my own future projects. Unfortunately, I have noticed many of my exciting projects plans have piled up as schoolwork claims most of my free time. However, through this column I will set my excuses to the side and begin my long list of projects and crafts, and as I complete and find more inspiring crafts I will share them with all my fellow do-it-yourselfers right here.

So cheers to getting our creative juices flowing and a lot of fun (and sometimes messy) DIY projects!