It's a snowy day in your city. You walk down the busy streets and realize that you are not like everyone else, bundled tight in their puffy gear. You love the winter time. The hot chocolates are a-plenty in each cafe, big chairs are comfier than ever before, and you can't help but crack open your favorite read when given the chance. It is a time to fully immerse yourself in the cool season and its warm, festive events. As the sparkling white snow floats to the ground and lands on your skinny white pants, you laugh at how simply beautiful it all is. The crisp whites, grays, and blacks of the nature, add to the classic simplicity of your outfit and style, whilst also bringing out the modernity of your beloved city. [cycloneslider id="a-goodbye-to-winter-blues"]

PRODUCTION AND PHOTO SHOOT MANAGEMENT: Fashion Web Editor: Zoha Momin Literature Web Editor: Jasmine McNenny Photography Web Editor: Paige Comrie

Concept Developer and Stylists: Audrey Meyers, Aishawarya Singh, Stephanie Korona, Amily Yang, Christina Oska Photographer: Alex Holmes, Cellik Adams Writers: Erika Bell, Paige Compagner Models: Aishawarya Singh, Christina Oska Make-up Artists: Aishawarya Singh, Christina Oska