Opposites Attract

Opposites attract, we know this to be true. But what about when opposites merge together to create a harmonious balance. The moment when day and night merge.. forming the beauty of dawn. When darkness and lightness collide… creating a space of comfort and perfection. When an extrovert and an introvert meet… setting forth a dialogue of imperfect harmony. The Extrovert

She’s an extrovert. Her body language is friendly, any air of secrecy or mystery swept away by her open arms. She catches your eye with light colors, wearing white like any angel would. Standing tall and staring directly at you even with her hat on; she can see you but you can’t always see her. Any hesitation about approaching her never has a chance to reach your mind, because she reached your heart first. She walks up to you in high heels, says hello, introduces herself and it’s as if you two have known each other for more than just a few passing moments. She commands respect from her sleek hair, to her black clothing, and finally down to her high heels.

She’s an extrovert. She guides your conversation, welcomes your thoughts and opens you up to a world of her own. Not once does she take a moment to slow down, to think before she speaks. She doesn’t feel the need to… what fun would contemplation be if it was never vocalized? What fun would new relationships be if you never took that first leap?

She’s an extrovert. She begins to love you freely and openly. No concerns, no reservations and no steady pace. For her, it’s always been about all or nothing. Either you take the chance or you lose the opportunity.

She’s an extrovert. She comes into your life in a split second, and leaves in another. She is restless, constantly yearning for change. She desires stimulation. She despises stagnation. Maybe you weren’t quick to open yourself up to her, as she did to you? Maybe you didn’t lend yourself the chance to love as freely as she did. But then again, she’s an extrovert. And you were just caught in her need for something new.

The Introvert

He’s an introvert. He’s quiet, calm and contemplative. His eyebrows remain furrowed, as if the secrets of his mind hide behind them. Any fear you may have about approaching him take second to the idea of unlocking his thoughts. He’s an enigma to you, and you’re only thought when approaching him is how you will solve this puzzle.

He’s an introvert. He listens to your thoughts, remembering each tiny detail you bring forth. He takes time to think about what you’re saying, he responds with hesitancy… crafting his ideas with care. He knows how much weight words can hold, so he thinks quietly before speaking. What fun would conversation be if your thoughts were incomplete to begin with?

He’s an introvert. He loves you and spends hours dissecting your words. Contemplation, realization and isolation mark his life. It’s not sad, nor is it lonely. For him, it’s peaceful. The true value of silence only felt when his thoughts are clearing from his mind.

He’s an introvert. You spend hours trying to understand him, but one conversation unwinds all your carefully knit perceptions. He is quiet, thoughtful and welcomes the idea of being alone. The idea of being perfectly in sync with himself. Maybe you didn’t try hard enough to understand him? Maybe you didn’t take time to think about yourself as much as he did. But then again, he’s an introvert. And you were just a guest in his home filled with contemplation.

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