Seven Shows to Look Forward to in the New Year

With the holidays in the rearview mirror, and most shows having completed their midseason finales, it is about time to start thinking about the New Year and upcoming premieres. From highly anticipated spin-offs to quirky new comedies, 2015 is bound to have some goodies in store for avid television viewers such as myself. Here’s a look at some of the most anticipated shows of 2015.


     1. Galavant

Premiere Date: January 4

What It’s About: This fairy-tale inspired musical comedy details the journey of Galavant, a down and out hero, as he attempts to take revenge on the evil King Richard and restore his “Happily Ever After”.

Why You Should Tune In: While it’s a bit unconventional, Galavant will feature the combined talents of Screenwriter/executive producer Dan Fogelman from Crazy, Stupid, Love, Tangled, and Cars, composer Alan Menken of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast, and lyricist Glenn Slater from Tangled.  Expect catchy, upbeat songs with a comedic flair in this quirky fill-in for Once Upon a Time.


      2. Agent Carter

Premiere Date: January 6

What It’s About: This Marvel spin-off series will serve as a precursor for Agents of Shield that follows the story of the eponymous character as she balances her secret and public lives as a single woman in 1940’s America.

Why You Should Tune In: Though Agents of Shield had a rocky start, Agent Carter offers a distinctly new flavor and many exciting possibilities for the Avengers franchise. First off, Hayley Atwell’s role as female protagonist is not to be underestimated. Her ability to play a strong capable character without losing her emotional resonance is what makes her truly great enough to build a series around.  Add to this the 1940’s backdrops and it’s no wonder that it’s on everyone’s watch list for next year!



      3. The Last Man on Earth

Premiere Date: March 1

What It’s About:  Pretty much exactly what it sounds like; Phil Miller, played by Will Forte, is the last man surviving after a catastrophic event that kills the rest of mankind. This new comedy series is about Phil’s journey across America in his RV in his attempt to find other survivors while making the most of his situation.

Why You Should Tune In: Instead of following the pilot process, FOX ordered the entire first season based on this science fiction concept with a comedic twist. While we might be introduced to other characters later on, at least for now the success of this show rests solely on the performance of Will Forte, and I for one am excited to see how it plays out.


      4. Empire

Premiere Date: January 7

What It’s About:  Hip-hop artist and CEO of Empire Entertainment, Lucious Lyon, is successful, ruthless, and unopposed. However after being diagnosed with a life-altering condition, he must choose which of his three sons will take over.

Why You Should Tune In: The shows will feature a star-studded cast, namely Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard, and even Gabourey Sidibe, and some great music written and produced by Timbaland. If that’s not enough incentive, it is produced by Lee Daniels, and therefore bound to be good.



     5. Togetherness

Premiere Date: January 11

What It’s About:  Two couples in Los Angeles must move in together after being evicted. This new comedy series details the trials and tribulations that each face and they struggle to maintain their marriages.

Why You Should Tune In: The Duplass Brothers, having already gained recognition as filmmakers, are trying their hand in television. Based on their previous work, I expect nothing less than sharp hilarity, emotional depth, and just a touch of their trademark awkwardness.



      6. Better Call Saul

Premiere Date: February 8

What It’s About: This spin-off series focuses on the life of lawyer and fan-favorite, Saul Goodman six years before his appearance on Breaking Bad.

Why You Should Tune In: It seems like just yesterday nearly everyone was gushing about Breaking Bad. While the series concluded with a stand-out finale that was praised and incredibly well received, fans on the Breaking Bad bandwagon want more! This series invites fans to reinvest in the story that got them hooked not too long ago.



      7. Battle Creek

Premiere Date: March 1

What It’s About: This new dramedy follows the unlikely pairing of two detectives that could not be more different in terms of personality, background, and methods as they work together to fight crime in the town of Battle Creek, Michigan.

Why You Should Tune In: Speaking of Breaking Bad this new CBS show was created by none other than Vince Gilligan. After all of the acclaim Mr. Gilligan received for his work on Breaking Bad, it’s no wonder CBS jumped at the chance to work with him. Moreover, also collaborating on this project is celebrated producer, David Shore, of House.  CBS is pretty confident about this shows success, ordering a full thirteen episodes, and you know what? So am I.


Happy Watching!