The Body of an Angel

The Victoria's Secret Angels are the notorious owners of some of the most coveted bodies. Their lean muscles and petite statures are the look many of us dream of attaining.  While all the Angels look absolutely incredible on the runway and in high definition on our televisions, it is important to keep in mind that they have extremely intense workout regimens to achieve their looks. The bodies these women have achieved may be difficult for many women to attain, but their intense and incredibly fun workouts are great addition to your daily schedule as an exciting way to stay active and fit.


The name says it all.  This full body workout is great for creating those long and lean muscles. Through the use of light weights, choreography, and intense core training FlyBarre is able to quickly transform your body. FlyBarre is an incredibly fun workout that will keep you fully engaged and energized through out the session. Unfortunately, the Michigan area does not offer FlyBarre lessons, but that does not mean you can't head over to the gym and get started yourself. The Ballet Barre Workout DVD is the closest match to FlyBarre, and it will allow you to sculpt your body right at home.


SoulCycle aims to benefit both body and soul through the use of an intense 45 minute workout infused with inspirational coaching. In one short session each cycler can burn 500-700 calories. SoulCycle includes weights to aid in the toning of arms and let's the fun, upbeat music help guide the pace workout. Unfortunately, SoulCycle has not yet made it to the Ann Arbor area and at $70 a session it may be easier to adopt your own form of the workout at the gym. This link will help you get started.


Who says girls can't fight? We know our favorite Angels can! Many of the Angels participate in what is known as shadow boxing.  Shadow boxing is simply boxing by yourself, just in the air, but if it is done correctly it can improve strength, endurance, and technique. It can be hard to know how to shadow box if you have never done so before. We found a basic guide to help you learn the foundation of shadow boxing. In addition to boxing, the cardio real boxers complete is great for staying in shape. Add push ups, abs, and jump roping to your workout to amp up the intensity. If you find working with a trainer more motivating, try a couple of sessions at Title Boxing Club in Ann Arbor.


This incredibly popular workout regimen has combined the beauty and grace of ballet with the necessary toning and sculpting aspects of a good workout. For all you ladies who have always wanted to be a ballerina, here is your chance to feel like one! These workouts will not leave you panting with sweat dripping down your face, but the classes subtly sculpt your muscles. The upside to BalletBeautiful is that you can access the workouts online or through DVD, without ever attending a class.

So as you begin the new year, do not let your New Year's resolution of getting fit slip between your fingers. The key to maintaining a successful workout regimen is picking something you will find challenging and intriguing, so take advantage of these incredibly fun workouts in 2015!