A Quick Makeup Tutorial: Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate Hallmark holiday; people buy flowers, eat chocolates, and spend plenty of money treating their loved ones. It is a day where couples are given a free pass (kind of) to do all of the ridiculously cheesy activities that they’ve always secretly thought were cute. It is also a time where you can round up your friends and treat yourselves to a wild night out. No matter what your plans are, this tutorial is both simple and festive enough to make you feel confident wherever you go. To begin, start by priming your lids. I’ve used Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink. Since this look focuses on soft pink eyes, this base will act perfectly as an all-over lid color. An alternative to this base would be any primer followed by a soft-pink eye shadow placed all over the lid. Make sure to blend out any harsh lines left by the shadow or base—this look is meant to be soft and slightly smoky.

Taking a fluffy crease brush, run a peach shadow through the entire crease, just to add the smallest amount of definition. This will act as our transition color. Next, take a warm-toned brown and blend it into the outer two-thirds of your crease. Again, this is just for definition, so make sure to blend thoroughly! To deepen the outer corners, use a deep plum shade and blend it into the outer V of your eyelid, making sure not to bring this color too far into the crease. Once everything is well blended, all you have to do is add a shimmery white shadow to the inner corners of the eyes to brighten up the look.

After finishing up with the shadow base, the next step is adding eyeliner. Because this look is soft and smoky, it's important to make sure that the liner isn’t too harsh. Starting with a gel liner lets you create a smudged line that will soften the look. Trace your lash line from the inner to the outer corner and add a wing. Make sure the liner is slightly thick, because you’re now going to layer over it with a liquid liner. However, you don’t want to color in the entire thickness of the line. Instead, focus your liquid liner just on the lash line, keeping it thin. This will darken the liner just by your lashes, thus making the rest of your eyeliner appear soft and smoky.

After you’ve completed the eyeliner, curl your lashes and coat them with a couple layers of your favorite mascara. If you want to go ahead and add some false lashes, go for it! To complete the entire look, add just a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks. I chose to use a shade that is slightly purple, which is a perfect shade for winter. Using a large brush, take some bronzer and lightly run it along the hollows of your cheeks, over your temples, and along your hairline on your forehead. This will give you a beautiful “bronzed-goddess” glow. To top everything off, tap a small amount of highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones, down your nose, and on your cupids bow. I used MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle for the perfect champagne glow.

Now for my favorite part: lipstick. Because the eyes are subtle, pretty much any shade will complete this look. I chose a glossy raspberry shade to really make the lips pop. This specific color is Revlon’s ColorStay Lacquer Balm in Flirtacious. It’s very long-wearing, and the gloss is just enough to attract the attention you want on a romantic date night, or in an adorable group photo with your friends.

Whether you’re going on a date with that special someone or celebrating the holiday with your best friends, this makeup look is perfect. So enjoy your evening and remember…no matter what happens, chocolate will always be 75% off in stores on February 15th! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Model: Christina Oska

Photographer: Carly Griffin

SpotlightCarly Griffin