Make a Statement: Easy DIY Bracelet

Over the past few months my love for bracelets and other wrist jewelry has transformed into a slight obsession. With my collection of watches, bracelets, and hair ties, my left wrist never goes unaccessorized. But of course, a girl needs a different set of accessories for each outfit. My gold jewelry goes with one look, but silver may look better for a different occasion. So I decided to give my bling a personal touch with a fun and spunky handmade bracelet. This little do-it-yourself project was incredibly simple, taking only about ten minutes to complete. In addition, the materials shown below will be enough to create at least three bracelets. So you get to spoil yourself, and maybe gift one to a friend, sibling, or your mom! P1020305

What you will need:

  • Suede cord
  • Chain maille
  • Jeweler's pliers

To start out, take about two yards of felt rope and cut it into three even pieces.  These pieces will be too long, but it will give you some extra cord to work with when tying the bracelet around your wrist. Once you have your three pieces of rope, tie them together near the top and leave about 2-3 inches of extra cord at the top. I used a simple overhead knot to tie them all together. The extra slack will be how you tie the bracelet around your wrist when you are done.


After completing this step, simply begin braiding with the three strands of cord. Once your braid is about two inches long, begin adding the chain maille to your bracelet. If you decide to use chain maille like I did, first use the jeweler's pliers to close the opening in each ring. When braiding each ring onto your bracelet, the trick here is to slide the piece of chain maille all the way onto the chord before you fold the cord over.


Keep braiding and adding pieces of chain maille every time you braid each strand. Do this for about 2 inches, continuing on with a regular braid until the bracelet is at the correct length. You will want to keep the length of the regular braid equal to the length of the beginning braid. Once you are done braiding, simply use another overhand knot to hold the braid in place.


Voila! Tie the bracelet on your wrist and enjoy your new statement piece.

Photos by Lotte Hurkmans.