Trend Tribe: Igniting Careers Through Stylish Accessories

Taking part in internships is a highly-advised path that students are often directed towards in order to advance their career ambitions. Getting an education in hopes of learning about a certain field seems to be the most important part of preparing for future careers, but having that real-world experience is what sets many applicants apart when it comes time to apply for jobs. The only problem is, how do students set themselves apart when applying for the internships that will provide them with enough experience to land a job? It is a vicious, confusing cycle where the requirement of expertise will always rear its head in the long run.

Samantha Cooper, the founder and CEO of Trend Tribe, understands this quintessential struggle all too well. In her early years of college, she yearned for the opportunity to put her skills and passions to use through a dream internship, but the chips just didn't fall into place. She began to sell her own jewelry as a quick and easy way to make some extra cash; however, what was initially thought of as a more exciting alternative to babysitting turned into a set of life-changing skills that not only set her up for both internships and a business of her own.

Trend Tribe is a New York-based accessories company that is dedicated to selling the hottest accessory trends at affordable prices (all jewelry is under $50). What sets this company apart is that all of its sales representatives are comprised of the trendy "fashionpreneurs" found on college campuses. Trend Tribe offers college students the opportunity to gain valuable skills desired by companies by becoming campus ambassadors, also known as Trendsetters, and selling these fun jewelry items to people on their college campuses. Trendsetters take the reigns in marketing, PR, styling, and sales of their accessories by hosting trunk shows with student organizations. "A Trend Tribe trunk show is the way in which Trendsetters gain all of their real world experience," Cooper said. "Every stage of planning and hosting trunk shows teaches Trendsetters the different aspects of fashion and business. You're not just getting coffee or filing papers, but you're running the show and seeing your ideas come to life."

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Accessories are always a fun way to bring any ensemble up a notch. Trend Tribe is dedicated to incorporating statement pieces into every wardrobe, with merchandise ranging from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings. Their pieces are all about going with a trendy and youthful flow, with geometric jeweled styles and bright summer colors mixed with classic metallics.


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Trend Tribe's varied selection makes it difficult for any fashionista to turn down a chance to purchase from Trend Tribe, which aids in the experience of any Trendsetter looking to sell to busy college students. Trendsetters are also able to fulfill philanthropic opportunities during this time. A portion of every Trendsetter's sales from a trunk show goes towards a certain philanthropy of their choice, similarly to how many big businesses devote some of their profits to philanthropic organizations. "Millennials don't just want to make money, they want to make an impact, and Trend Tribe is fully supportive of this mission," Cooper said.

College is a time that allows young people to brand themselves in ways that will appeal them to future employers. There are many available roads to take in finding a path for the future, and attaining success is all about doing something exciting and helpful that will further enhance any solid resume. Cooper's path from student to founder and CEO of her own company illustrates the endless number of possibilities that provide college students with the power to shape their own futures.

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