What to Wear: Layering

Layering is an obvious choice on days when it’s frigid cold. Layering can also give pieces in your wardrobe a whole new look. Who wouldn’t want to make the most out of what they have? Especially when there’s no way you’re heading to the mall—not a chance in this harsh weather.

The Dress you Never Wear: Everyone has that dress in their closet that they love, yet there is no opportunity to wear it! Layering on top of a formal dress can make it look super casual, making it appropriate for class. Whether it’s a fitted, A-line, or skater dress really won’t matter, almost anything will work.

A Busy Blouse: layer a buttoned blouse over your dress. Unless the dress has a busy pattern, pair it with a patterned blouse, or one that is a bright solid color. This will make the outfit even more casual, but keep the look interesting.

A Dense Sweater: To top it all off, thrown on the warmest sweater in your closet. This will tone down the busy blouse, and tie the outfit together. Opt for a sweater that is a solid color. A pattered pullover may over-power the outfit since there is already a lot going on. Be sure that the blouse’s collar and sleeves peek through to achieve the layered look.

Keep on Layering: To continue with the layered theme, pile on a few necklaces and stack up some bracelets. Mix and match whatever you’d like. If you’re feeling daring, wear gold and silver together.

Boots & Tights: Tights with the dress are a must, along with some sturdy boots. Not only will this keep your feet dry, but also make the whole outfit a bit more laid back.

Voilà! The formal dress has been transformed into an everyday piece, just with a little layering. Stay warm, and when in doubt, layer!

Photographer: Eleni Mouzakis.

Model: Alexis Darmon