11 DIY Projects for your Apartment

With all of our crafting potential to fall back on, there's no reason for anyone to have a boring dorm room or apartment. Lately I have been planning crafts for my house next year, and the brainstorming process has been occupying my free time for a while now. The good news is that there's something thrilling about planning decorations for my future room, and I've been slowly but surely collecting supplies for all my different craft ideas. This lead up to the actual decorating is entertaining, and it also an activity that is sure to keep you busy for months. In order to help get your creative juices flowing, here's a list of crafts that I am saving up to do. With the summer months quickly approaching, now is a great time to begin gathering supplies for these awesome DIY projects. Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Start a terrarium or teacup garden

2. Make a dream catcher

3. Print your Instagram posts and turn them into a wall collage

4. Make teacup candles

5. Use masking tape to tape decals and shapes onto the walls

6. Take old pillows and make a new cover

7. Crochet a rug

8. Make shelves out of frames, baskets, or magazine racks

9. Make a chalkboard with a decorative frame

10. Make a throw blanket

11. Use old books to hide your router

The fun thing about these projects is that many of the items can be found for a low price at Salvation Army or the Dollar Store. There's no need to go out to the craft store and break the bank on these projects when you can easily find frames, tea cups, and pillows second hand for less than half the price! And who knows, you may find some great treasures while you're shopping there too. So now that you have some ideas to work with, get crafting! Your future house and roommates will thank you!