Getting Your Dream Fashion Internship

With internship season in full swing, college students everywhere have begun their search for the 'perfect internship.' But if you want to work in fashion, the competition can be fierce. The fashion industry is particularly known for being competitive, and internships are no different. So in order to land that dream internship, you have to set yourself apart from the other applicants. Here are some tips to make your resume stand out! 10vogue-600

Include a Headshot on Your Resume

While this should not be done for regular job applications, including a professional headshot for a fashion-related job or internship is a unique way to stand out among other applicants. Fashion jobs are unique because personal style is valued at fashion companies. Of course, this should only be done if this kind of practice would align with the company culture. Check out their website to see if the company is more formal and traditional or creative and accepting.

Show Relevant Experience

If you have previously worked in retail, highlight that in your resume! Even if it was a summer job at a not-so-high-end store, these experiences will prove that you have experience in an environment related to fashion. This can show you have a good sense of style and that you are able to advise others on improving or creating their own. If you can get a retail job during college, that would be a great resume booster too! 

Photo Courtesy of: WiseGeek

Have a Professional but Personal Cover Letter

Find a way to relate your personality in a professional way. Formulaic cover letters can be boring, especially for the hiring managers who read hundreds (or thousands) of them. Be more detailed about your experience than what is written on your resume. Be sure to explain why you want to work at that specific company and highlight why you are good fit for them.

Become a Campus Brand Ambassador

Many companies have brand ambassador or representative programs to build awareness of their company on college campuses. This is a great way to gain leadership, sales, and marketing experience during college! Having this job creates relevant fashion experience and shows a true commitment to fashion.

Photo Courtesy of: Victoria's Secret

 Start a Fashion Blog - and keep it updated!

Saying that you have an interest in fashion is great, but everyone puts that bullet point on their resume or cover letter. Find a way to stand out and make sure you have evidence to back it up! Having a fashion blog can prove your interest in fashion and helps to really set you apart from other job candidates. Keep your blog updated to show you follow through on your commitments.

Get Involved with Fashion Groups on Campus

Joining a fashion-related club or organization is a great way to keep your interest in fashion alive with other college students. If your college doesn’t have any, this is a great opportunity to start your own -another great resume booster!

And in the end, apply to as many internships as you can. Even if nothing works out, you will have time to focus on building your resume for next year!