6 Ways to Amp Up Your Hairstyles

As busy college students on the go, we often maximize our sleep time by cutting our morning routine in half. We find ourselves sinking into the same routine over and over again, with the same clothes, quick makeup, and exact same hairstyle. But switching up your routine can be an easy way to shake up your day and give you that extra uumph. The easiest way to do this is with your hair; there are so many styles that can be done in five minutes or less that will make you look and feel put together without hurting your schedule.

  1. Braided headband

This always looks super cute when you want your hair to look classy while also staying out of your face. Starting from one side, grab a section of hair behind your ear and French braid around your hairline all the way to the other side. Make sure to keep picking up new pieces along the way! Tuck the braid behind your other ear and pin it under your hair. Pull on the pieces to make it loose, and voila! A chic 'do in no time at all!

braid headband

  1. Simple Twist

This one is super easy—it’s my go-to when my hair is down. Take the front piece of your hair on one side and twist it back. Pin it with some bobby pins and then pull on the twist just a bit to make it look loose and effortless.

  1. Beachy waves

If you have just a few more minutes to spare, try shaking it up with this boho look. Take a 1” curling wand and loosely curl small sections of your hair away from your face. Then, flip your head upside down and shake out your hair so the curls pull apart. Add some sea salt spray—my favorite is Tresemme’s Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray. This will leave you with gorgeous hair that will make you look like you just spent all day at the beach.

BROOKLYN DECKER at Battleship Photocall in Hamburg

  1. Boho Braided Crown

If you’ve already got the beachy waves going, amp it up even further with a simple crown braid. Take the front pieces of your hair on one side and braid them towards the back of your head. Do the same with your hair from the other side, and pin it so it overlaps with the other braid. Pull out some pieces of the braid to make it look effortless, and this hairstyle is complete!

  1. Ponytail with a Twist

This look is perfect for those who love a good ponytail but want to shake it up a bit. All you have to do is pull your hair back in a ponytail, either messy or sleek. Then, take a long strand from the ponytail and braid it. Loosen it up a bit, and then wrap it around the ponytail holder before pinning it down. This is the best way to change up a simple style with very little effort.

  1. Space Buns

If you’re ready to be more daring with your hair, then this look is for you. Space buns are becoming more and more popular, and this eclectic style takes just one more step than a normal top bun. Part your hair in the middle and pull one side to the top of your head like a really high pigtail. Then wrap it in a coil like a normal top bun, and secure with bobby pins. Do the same thing with the other side, and then you’re done!

space buns

With these simple hairstyles, you can easily refresh your daily look without wasting too much of your precious time in the morning!