Don't Get Caught Without Your S•PACK

Ever feel like you could use a quick refresher after a night out or an intense workout? We've all been there, and now you no longer need to carry around a large makeup bag from place to place (or bar to bar). Twin sisters Mariel and Juliette Reiss realized this problem was all too common for many women, and created a product called S•PACK. This small package fits perfectly into a backpack, purse, or clutch. The S•PACK includes a  mini-toothbrush, toothpaste, a makeup removing cleanser wipe, a deodorant cloth, and a hair-tie. By simply sticking an S•PACK in your bag, you never again have to worry about getting off a long flight looking tired and less-than-refreshed, or looking disheveled during a dreaded Saturday morning walk home.

After launching in January of this year, S•PACK has begun to make its impact around Ann Arbor, and the rest of the country. As college students themselves, Mariel at the University of Michigan and Juliette at the University of Pennsylvania combined their efforts to set up S•PACK at college campuses all over the country with the help of their Campus Representatives.


For everyone residing in Ann Arbor, you can pick up your own S•PACK at Bivouac on State Street, otherwise Amazon and the SPACK website can help you get your hands on this must-have product for every girl on the go. No lady should have to worry about her looks at any time of the day, and S•PACK can help ensure that you'll always be at the top of your game and prepared for any emergency life may throw at you.

Make sure to stop by the SHEI Magazine launch party on April 11th to pick up a gift bag with your very own S•PACK!