Renew Your Shoe

There's one rule I always live by: a girl can never have too many shoes. Money spent on a new pair of killer wedges is always worth it in by book; however, the problem is that by living by this principle, I have acquired such a large collection and realized that some of my older shoes may not be the best fashion choices anymore. Instead of throwing out older pairs simply because I didn't like the pattern on them, I decided to just give them a little bit of new flare. Because flower patterns are absolutely making a statement for the summer season, I decided to give my old pair of heels a little touch of sunflowers. What you need:

  • A pair of shoes
  • Mod Podge
  • Patterned scrapbooking paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil
  • Duct tape (optional)


To begin my shoe project, I found it very difficult to know how to cut out the perfect piece of paper to fit on the shoe. To solve the problem, I used duct tape to cover the entire surface of the shoe where I wanted to add the new pattern. Once I removed the duct tape from the shoe, I had the perfect image of the shoe's surface, and simply traced the duct tape outline onto the scrapbooking paper.


Once you have an outline of the shoe traced onto the scrapbooking paper, all you have to do is cut it out. In order to help the paper stick to the shoe's surface, paint mod podge all over the surface of the shoe, as well as on the bottom of the paper. Once both surfaces have an even layer of glue, carefully place the paper onto the shoe and press it down. Hold the paper down in the difficult areas until it dries, as it may not want to stick on the curvy areas of the shoe. Finally, cover the surface of the shoe with another layer of mod podge and mold the paper to the shoe using your fingers. If any pieces of paper are sticking out, this is also a good time to cut those off.


Let your shoes dry for a few hours, and they will soon be ready to pair with your favorite summer outfits!

Photos by Lotte Hurkmans