The Blind Pig Hosts the "Watch Yo Mouth" Tour

When local musician Munch steps out to the emerging crowd that saturates the floor of the Blind Pig, the energy shifts as the low buzz of the crowd gives way to a deep drop of the beat. Hardcore fans and local music enthusiasts push towards the stage as he grabs the microphone and commands the attention of the crowd during his set. maher (1 of 14)


KylMorr, Drew32, and Sweens follow as additional openers before the members of the "Watch Yo Mouth" tour finally take the stage. Fans of the various local openers mill around the bar, then head deeper into the crowd when the speakers blast introductions for the long-awaited headlining performances.

Headliner Sam Lachow’s set begins with his singer Ariana, whose ethereal voice pulls the crowd into a trance before Lachow shatters the stillness when the beat drops. His set manages to combine an intensely felt rhythm with clever lyrics. By this point, the crowd has expanded to the point where Lachow is even able to pull off a feat not usually plausible in more intimately spaced venues like the Blind Pig—crowd surfing.

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Before the show, Lachow reflected on the excitement surrounding this tour as he takes in the throngs of fans lining up at the door. “This tour so far has exceeded my expectations; I’ve done five tours and they’ve all been super up and down,” Lachow said. “This tour has been nothing but great, and I can already tell this is gonna be a fun one too. The crowd is bigger than I expected and the venue’s been nice to us.”

Lachow crafts a unique sound based on his rich background of musical performance. For this artist, the world of vocal performance began as early as his elementary school days and continued on into middle school with the formation of his band, Shankbone. But despite his love for being part of a group, Lachow transitioned to a solo act after meeting a man in New York who offered to manage him on the recommendation that Lachow branch out on his own.

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In the wake of his successful solo tours, there still is plenty more on the horizon for Lachow’s career. In the past few days of the tour, Lachow has been tossing around the idea of forming another band, although he still has no concrete plans for who will be joining him in this venture. “I just like experimenting. I want to definitely produce for a lot more people; I don’t want it to be all centered on me,” Lachow said. “I like collaborating more than anything and helping other people get their talents out there.”

The final headlining act, Arizona-based rapper Futuristic, finishes out a great show with a combination of covers and originals, including a heart wrenching number detailing the rapper’s own life journey.

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The Blind Pig was excited to present the local crowd with a number of artists who had previously not performed at this venue. The electricity of the fans in this particular space was something both headliners had to look forward to for the first time, but even some local acts were making an appearance for the first time at the Blind Pig. Concert opener Munch has been performing in various locations in the area, and was excited to grace the stage at a classic Ann Arbor venue. “I put on my 15-minute set and had a great time,” Munch said. “There was a great energy in the crowd, and I had a great first performance ever at the Blind Pig.”

Photography by Gwen McKee.