As the colder months of winter approach, a plethora of women have started to grow out their summer cuts. But for plenty of women, short hair is not a fad, but a lifestyle. Women who commit to rejecting the generally conventional measure of femininity. It's rare to hear anyone reference the short hair of a man. The term short in reference to hair is almost always applied to women as an anomalistic feature. "Short hair" of most women would be considered abnormally long for most men. Across cultures, hair can appear shorter than it is because of how tightly coiled the curls are. Therefore hegemonic cultures tend to ignore the different states hair can have and define it strictly in two superficial categories.

Because hegemonic beauty standards are so deeply ingrained in America, women with hair that is above shoulder length are made hyper aware of their hair and the ways in which society perceives it as unconventional. Thus this article looks to anecdotally explore the ways in which culture has affected the relationship and reactions women have with their hair and also celebrate the #shorthairdontcare fad they embody daily.

SpotlightKennedy Clark